School Programs

School Programs

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In today's fast-paced world, children face a whole new set of choices, challenges and threats. Our science-based programs emphasize prevention by teaching kids what they need to know to make good choices and develop healthy habits for a lifetime. We infuse interactive educational experiences that meet community needs, state learning objectives and national health priorities.



There's no better way to engage the community than by bringing the community together. Our special events, presentations and camps are geared to reinforce our mission...while we have some fun doing it! We have a little something for everyone...mothers looking for the ideal lunch date with their daughters, camps for the science nut or a presentation to provide tips on how to talk to your kids about some of the uncomfortable subjects.

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This year, we'll reach an incredible milestone: 6 million students! 

We've seen a lot of changes in the lives of young people over the past 40 years. With technology being integral in the learning process and the abundance of both good and bad information out in the world, it's more important than ever to make sure that we give our kids the facts about sexuality and drugs! Keeping current is crucial and we need your support.

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Today--as young people are faced with many pressures we didn’t encounter in our own adolescence--the work we do is more challenging and important than ever before. In order to more deeply impact the children we educate, we ask for your financial support. The donation you make to RCC health education contributes to enhanced curriculum, innovative delivery models, and opportunities for disadvantaged students all over Chicagoland to make better-informed choices.

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RCC Body Trek summer camp will be starting soon! Body Trek started in 1995. This photo from 20 years ago features a camper practicing casting. Medical procedures, such as the cast, were part of the health exploration activities for campers who were considering a future in healthcare. #RCC6Million #RCCLookingBack ... See MoreSee Less

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Over 6 Million students have an education from the Robert Crown Center! Are you one of them? Help us educate the next generation of students with a $10 donation today!
#RCC6Million #Donate10
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Carol Foster, an RCC health educator c. 2000, has a student walk the line in a Science Behind Drugs prevention program. #RCC6Million #RCCLookingBack ... See MoreSee Less

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Are you or a loved one part of the 6 million students with a Robert Crown Center education? Donate $10 today to help us educate the next 6 million!
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Though this photo is on the face of a Michael Program student from more than 20 years ago, his expression is timeless! #RCC6Million #RCCLookingBack ... See MoreSee Less

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In the News

Prevention Parenting Impacts Teen Substance Use

Parenting adolescents isn’t easy.  This is especially true when it comes to keeping our kids away from alcohol and drugs.  In 2016, the Monitoring the Future Survey reported that 3% of 8th graders, 10% of 10th graders and 16% of 12th graders admit to binge drinking.  The survey noted that self-reported marijuana use was 9% […]

Legal Does Not Mean Safe

Marijuana is in the news daily.  While only a few states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, many others, including Illinois, permit its medical use.  These new laws have caused many young people to believe that marijuana is safe.  To make informed decisions about marijuana use, parents and young people should understand the facts. Many […]

Train Your Brain for Happiness

In our culture, the word “stressed” is too often used to describe how we’re feeling. One in five 9-17 year olds are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder each year. How can we become calmer, more positive, even happier people, and help our kids to be happier as well? According to Shawn Achor, professor of Positive […]

Programs to be Taught 100% In-Schools

In the Fall of 2017, The Robert Crown Center for Health Education (RCC) will shift to 100% in-school delivery and discontinue the “field trip” model that was once part of the RCC tradition. This change comes as a result of customer feedback and the organization’s commitment to providing cost-effective, science-based health education to the greatest […]

Spring Trip Tips for Talking to Teens about Everything

Families look forward to spring break activities (or the relaxing lack thereof) as opportunities to enjoy one another’s company and shake off the stress of school and work. A multitude of bonding opportunities—air or car travel, beach days, shared meals, books and movies – offer moments for quality conversation without the distraction of school responsibilities. […]