Summer Science Camp

Body Trek

Body Trek is a popular one or two-week journey of exploration for students entering grades 6-8. The camp includes real hands-on dissections, special guest visits, and excursions to exciting places such as a hospital operating room. Additionally, students learn how to engage in effective team efforts and cultivate life-long leadership qualities.

Click here to register for Hinsdale Body Trek - June 15-25, 2015
Click here to register for Chicago - Homan Square Body Trek - June 22-26, 2015
Click here to register for Naperville Body Trek - July 13-23, 2015

Body Trek may include:

  • Current live videos featuring the systems of the human body
  • Dissection of animal specimens, such as a heart or lung
  • Body Trek StudentsGuest speakers who may include cardiologists, nurses, surgeons and other healthcare professionals
  • Special trips to a hospital setting or large museum where students experience an operating room
  • Practicing suturing, scrubbing in for surgery, and observing surgical procedures
  • Small group activities that bring the content to life and ensure fun camp dynamics
  • Students are grouped by age level
  • Daily photo collages and a picture CD on the final day
  • A chance to grow into a future leadership position within a future camp
  • Closing ceremony for parents and friends featuring the students in the “Odyssey of the Body”

Student's who have attended Body TrekWho should attend: The Robert Crown Center Body Trek Summer Science Camp is for curious students entering grades 6-8 looking for a unique summer experience. Many students are interested in a career in the nursing, medical or science field; others are looking for a one-of-a-kind camp experience. All are encouraged to take the voyage through Body Trek.

Body Trek studentJunior Counselors: Students who have attended in the past or those with leadership skills may apply to serve as a Jr. Counselor. They attend for a reduced fee and experience the camp as a Jr. leader.

The Educators: Body Trek is taught by the Robert Crown Center’s team of educators, a dedicated group of dynamic professionals, comprised of doctors, nurses, teachers and curriculum & technology specialists.

Body Trek StudentEducational Standards: Body Trek meets numerous CDC National Health Education Standards and ISBE learning standards.




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