MISSION: To positively impact the physical and mental health of youth through innovative education programs in partnership with parents, schools and communities.
VISION: All youth in our communities possess the knowledge, attitudes and skills to make decisions that positively impact their physical and mental health throughout their lives.
CORE VALUES: Everything that the Robert Crown Center for Health Education does will adhere to the following four core values:


  • 1958: RCC was founded as the Hinsdale Health Museum.
  • 1974: Renamed the Robert Crown Center for Health Education, RCC moved to its current location on Salt Creek, becoming the nation’s first fully independent health education center.
  • 1987: Robert Crown Center Educators began offering outreach programs in schools.
  • 2012: RCC began utilizing a digital classroom, allowing students to access program information online for a more interactive and modern experience.
  • 2017: RCC educates its 6-millionth student!

RCC has a strong history of working with community partners to respond to emerging health issues. In recent years, programs have been developed for the special needs community, the non-English speaking population and to address the growing heroin epidemic. These innovative, interactive programs are proven to increase social-emotional skill building and scientific understanding of the sort of risk-taking behavior that can negatively impact health. Research shows that students are better prepared to make healthy choices after receiving these prevention health programs.

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