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The Talk

Written by: Kimberly Fronk-Health Educator, Robert Crown Center for Health Education As a Robert Crown health educator, we have been asked some interesting questions when we’re delivering a program to the 4th-8th graders. Everything from “Why do we grow hair down there?” to “Do identical twins have the same fingerprints?”. These tough questions many times are the reasons that […]


The Power of Positive Self Talk

Written by: Sandi Metcalfe-Health Educator, Robert Crown Center for Health Education During puberty programs, Robert Crown Center’s Health Educators commonly break the ice with students by asking “Can anyone identify any puberty survivors in this room today?” After some giggles and a quick scan of the room, most students start to count the adults present […]


Allowing Others to Live Their Truth

Written by: Andros Garcia Saldivar-Health Educator, Robert Crown Center for Health Education National Women’s History Month is celebrated throughout March, but when thinking about the achievements and struggles of women, transwomen are often excluded from this conversation. The definition of transgender may vary, but it is generally used to refer to a person who does […]

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Start with a Story

Written by: Rose Tenuta-Health Educator, Robert Crown Center for Health Education Esmerelda, a young woman with curly hair and glasses can not take the fighting between her parents any longer.  In an attempt to calm her anxiety and escape the tension in her home, she sneaks some of her dad’s opioid pain relievers and discovers….. […]


Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Written by: Rachel Simmons-Health Educator, Robert Crown Center for Health Education For parents, it can be a nerve-racking time as their child starts to reach the age where they are old enough to learn about pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The child needs not only to understand the ways in which these can occur, […]


A Particular Risk For Young People

Written by: Katie Gallagher-Director of Health Education, Robert Crown Center for Health Education Yum! Gummy bears, brownies, and cookies, are children’s favorite treats, but when they are infused with marijuana, wrapped in appealing packaging and increasingly accessible, we are setting up a particularly dangerous situation. Did you know that in states where recreational marijuana has […]

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Is History Repeating Itself?

Written by: Liz Carter, Health Educator, Robert Crown Center for Health Education For centuries, tobacco was used in religious ceremonies, thought to relieve pain, and was not seen as a health risk…YET. Throughout the 1920s, research was being conducted and scientists started to link smoking to the incidence of lung cancer (University of Dayton). During […]

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Winter Blues

Written by: Lance Williams, Health Education Manager, Robert Crown Center for Health Education When you’re in puberty, can winter affect your emotions too? It’s an interesting question asked by a 5th grader in one of my recent puberty education classes. The answer is “yes”, but as many of you know, it’s not just during puberty […]

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Different Viewpoints: Sex Positive Sexuality Education-What It Is and Isn’t

RCC’s Different Viewpoints is a series of short articles from different age groups and their perspective on health education as they see it. Written by: Eleanor Evins, Robert Crown Center for Health Education Intern Remember hearing the rumblings, either in the high school hallways or around the office about who was doing what with whom? More importantly, remember […]