Our community presentations are meant to help families understand, scientifically and emotionally, what is happening in the bodies of a teen.  Our presentations cover a wide array of current topics to provide families the information to have meaningful discussions with their kids. Our educators will explain brain development and its impact on decision-making, ways to create a conversation action plan on a specific topics and skills to help maintain healthy relationships.

All Community Presentations will be hosted at:
15 Spinning Wheel Drive, Hinsdale, IL - Lower Level



Raising Healthy Teens: VAPING
October 23 - 7-8pm

Vaping is one of the most trendy activities among young people today. But since it is relatively new, there's not a lot of information easily available to help you get the facts. You may hear terms like: e-cig, pens, JUUL, vape juice, e-liquid, PG vs. VG, nic/no-nic. You may not know what it means but there's a good chance that your kids do.
Do they know the risks? Do you?
Come and learn from our health education specialists everything you need to know about vaping.
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