Parent Programs

Our Parent Programs have been developed to provide parents with the information they need when having a discussion with their kids about puberty, sexuality and drug use.  We have two different kinds of parent programs. Our Parent Overview Programs provide a snapshot of the content that our educators cover during programs that their kids attend primarily in their schools. The Community Presentations are intended for families and cover current trends and strategies to promote family conversations.

Parent Overview

Curious on what your students will learn during a Robert Crown Center program? Our Parent Overview Programs are a great way to learn first hand the content that our educators cover during our programs.

Community Presentations:
Drug Abuse Prevention

Our Community Presentation, Raising Healthy Teens: Drug Abuse Prevention, outlines brain development on decision making as well as provides current trends on drug use that parents should know.

Community Presentations:
Sex Education

Our Community Presentation, Raising Healthy Teens: Sex Education, outlines skills to maintain healthy relationships and ways to create a conversation action plan.

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Our Family Resources include videos, links and worksheets that will help get the conversation started.

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