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Get the Conversation Started

Studies show that parents are the biggest influencers of their child’s decision making. The best way to have an impact on your children’s choices is to know what choices they’re making…and that comes from conversations in your family and in your community. Take advantage of these parent resources which will offer techniques to keep the dialogue open and reinforce healthy messages with your kids.

We’ve developed a series of videos relating to drug use and sexuality.  They are intended to be a resource and provide some insight on how to discuss sensitive subjects with your child. Choose the category below and follow the link to the complete series.

Talk About Sexuality


Teens report that more than any other source (friends, siblings, media, teachers) their parents influence their decisions about sex.

But how do you start the dialogue?

Topics include:

Talk About Drug Use


Studies show that 90% of addiction starts in the teen years and 50% can be avoided by ongoing conversation about drugs with a trusted adult.

Here are the facts to help with the discussion.

Topics include:

  • Teens Talk About Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Power of Parental Conversations
  • The Teen Brain and Substance Abuse

Parent Programs


We have two different kinds of parent programs. Parent Overviews provide a snapshot of the content that our educators cover during a program. Community Presentations cover current trends and strategies to promote family conversations.

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