PEP Talk - Parent Education Program

Everyone could use a little PEP talk – especially parents. Studies show parents are the biggest influencers of their child’s decision making. In addition to providing classes for the kids, the Robert Crown Center for Health Education provides materials for parents so they can help their kids make choices leading to healthy, happy and safe lives. We encourage you to take advantage of these parent resources which will assist you in reinforcing healthy messages, and keep the dialogue open with your kids.

We get the conversation started, you keep them talking!

PEP Talks Sexuality

Parents, did you know that as your children grow, they are looking to you for information about puberty, peer pressure, and the choices and risks associated with sex? Teens report that more than any other source (friends, siblings, media, teachers) their parents influenced their decisions about sex. But how do you start the dialogue? Parents often aren’t sure. The Robert Crown Center created these video vignettes for discussion to demonstrate ways parents can begin the conversation in a positive, developmentally-appropriate way. Take a look at the videos and the accompanying suggestions and information, too.


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