PEP Talk: Parent Education Program

Sexual Behavior-Choices and Risks

(intended for ages 12-14)

A family is sitting down at the dinner table when a news story about pregnancy on the television catches everyone’s attention. This prompts the 14 year old son to ask his family about some questionable behavior of a classmate at school, which opens up the discussion about teen responsibility, teen choices/pressures, and teen pregnancy. Mom and Dad are both there, along with the 12 year old sister, so it is an important opportunity for all of the family members to be a part of this discussion of their family’s thoughts about these vital topics. This conversation lays the groundwork for trust and communication within the family unit, as well as creating a venue for further discussions down the road.



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Choices and Risks
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This video uses humor to demonstrate an ineffective approach to discussing sexual behavior, choices and risks.

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