Your school or community can schedule our community presentations, Raising Healthy Teens. These presentations are meant to help families understand, scientifically and emotionally, what is happening in the teenage body. Our presentations outline the brains development on decision making, information on recent trends both locally and nationally, skills to reduce use by our kids and ways to create a conversation action plan on specific topics.

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Raising Healthy Teens: Drug Education

Provide your community a better understanding of drug use and the science behind why teens are vulnerable decision makers. Our educators will provide current trend information on drug use, suggested skills to reduce use by our kids and ways to create conversation action plans.


Raising Healthy Teens: Sex Education

Provide your community with strategies on how to talk to their teens about sex and healthy relationships. Our educators will provide insight on specific sexuality topics, developing skills to manage a healthy relationship, identify what our kids are seeing in regard to sexuality and ways to create conversation action plans.


Raising Healthy Teens: Vaping

Vaping is one of the most trendy activities among young people today. But since it is relatively new, there's not a lot of information easily available to help you get the facts. You may hear terms like: e-cig, pens, JUUL, vape juice, e-liquid, PG vs. VG, nic/no-nic. You may not know what it means but there's a good chance that your kids do.
Do they know the risks? Do you?

Raising Healthy Teens: Consent

Consent is a Conversation: To Have With Ourselves, Our Children, Our Teens, Our Partners and Our Community

Learn about consent issues across the lifespan including how to build upon discussions that begin in the early childhood years and continue through young adulthood. Also included, consideration of consent in adult relationships and the influence of consent role modeling in conventional and social media. There will be time for questions and answers although please note, this is a prevention presentation not a legal one.

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