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Sample Content: Puberty 1: Understanding Changes
Welcome to our Sample Webinar Page.
On this page you'll be able to:
  • Watch the pre-program eLearning video (:43 sample)
  • Watch the RCC Educator recorded webinar (6 minute sample)
  • Ask our Educators questions with a simple online form
  • Schedule an optional LIVE Q&A Session for your class (contact us for more information)
  • Download the post program activity
  • Download the post program assessment & answer key (no peeking!)

Your RCC Educator:

Lance Williams


Pre-Program eLearning Video Sample

1st Step:

Watch a portion of the eLearning video (0:43). The educator webinar builds off of this it's important students watch this before jumping to the webinar portion of the program!

Educator Led Program Webinar Sample

2nd Step:

Watch a portion of our Educator led recorded webinar (roughly 6 minutes). This webinar will mimic the in-person Educator presentation (without the charm of the Educator in the room!). Underneath the video is a COMMENT box for viewers to ask our Educators questions. While it's not live, we will email back the answers to the teacher to share with the class.

Ask a Question

Students have the opportunity to ask our educators questions using a form like this on the program pages. The questions are emailed to RCC, then one of our educators will email the teacher of the class with the answers to then share with their students.

You can also schedule an optional LIVE Q&A session for your class. Our educators can join a Zoom call and answer any questions...just like they would if it were in your classroom!

If you have any questions about our online program delivery or would like more information about our LIVE Q&A session, please submit it here and we'll get right back to you.

Questions for RCC

Post-Program Activity Sample

3rd Step:

Now that the students know soooo much about what to expect during puberty, they can take a few minutes and work on this post-program activity.


4th Step:

Now it's time!!! What have they learned about puberty? The last step is the final assessment.

Don't forget to check the answers! Click here to get the answer sheet for the Assessment.

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